cleverly divide your office

with acoustic walls that looks wonderful.
Placed in a second, without long shipping time, dust or noise.
With a drastic reducement of the total cost and milieu impact thanks to the mobility and a certified brought back system.

the possibilitiesof a JuuNoo wall


provide quiet,
closed spaces

Ideal for brain workers
who should be able to concentrate optimally.


with movable partitions

Ideal for Sales, where a lot of communication is required.


build a completely
detached space

Ideal as a fast meeting room for
optimal productivity.

How do you want to optimise your office?
Discuss it with our team!

the advantages of a JuuNoo wall

The structure consists of at least 40% recycled steel standard components,
placed up to 7X faster than traditional systems,
without losing strength or acoustic values.

Thanks to the frames, which slide out smoothly and click together, the construction proceeds without noise or dust.

In addition, every JuuNoo wall can be easily moved and reused endlessly,
in order that any space can be perfectly matched by the need of a certain moment.


7x faster installed
than traditional systems


fully certified,
free choice in finishing options


100% recycled components,
endless reusable

theresidual value of a JuuNoo wall

At home, at work or in public spaces, circularity is always the best choice.
Not only for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Reusing a wall is financially more advantageous
then demolishing an existing wall and build a new one.

That’s the reason wy we developed a wall structure than can be endlessly reusable.
and by a fair residual value be brought back.

Do you no longer need it?

Then JuuNoo will gladly buy it back from you!

Discover here the residualvalie of your JuuNoo-wall